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Amerika. New York. Sen za velkou louží. Anička Lucie Schollerová měla to štěstí, že se tento americký sen splnila a to rovnou díky profesnímu životu. Role v seriálu Whisper Naked Shadow ji dostala až do New Yorku. Anička za svou roli Sofie, na které mizí oblečení a celý čas je tak, bohužel pro ni, nahá, vyhrála cenu za nejlepší herečku na festivalu v New Jersey a také na Webfestu v korejském Seoulu. V rozhovoru si povídáme právě o jejím pobytu v USA, hlavně v New Yorku, ale zabrousily jsme také do L.A. Pokud vás zajímá, jaký je život ve Velkém jablku, tak si pusťte poslední díl. 

2019 was one of the best years of my life. I tried to give all my energy and time to my beloved work, dreams and creating precious memories all over the world. When I was a little girl, I dreamed about being an actress, spending sunrise and sunset in New York, walking around Manhattan and Broadway, seeing the Hollywood sign, lying under the palm trees in Los Angeles, watching the ocean and discover the world. I made it all. 💕 I can´t be more proud of our series @whispernakedshadow , because this series changed the rules. It was created with love, maximum dedication and hard work and now? We celebrating success on several continents around the world. Thank you @whoisnorak you are my role model, a real friend and also sister. You teach me how to trust my dreams, believe in myself and that hard work is not about overworking yourself but about believing in yourself. Losing my dear grandpa at the end of the year made me realize that procrastinating is always an excuse and telling people how much we love them everytime we have a chance to do so is the gift of life. I tried to do this with all of me. I can´t forget how many amazing people I met in 2019. (and I hope that we will continue together in 2020 as well!) The first one is @vincechang21 - I will always remember when I first saw you in March 21 in Broadway Comedy Club(you were damn crazy!) and then I knew how wonderful you are. Also my amazing friends from @mnwebfest @njwebfest @seoulwebfest ( @hovsepian @nonomrbadpunk @inko.haku.9 @bakairu @ligadamata @shanksaw @seb.carrington @vink404 @lenaburmenko @johnkrissilas @james_noahjames @christo8989 and many more! ), my amazing friends from New York @fashionloveconnection @acudoctornyc @lifeonpausemovie @king_weapon @behappyforonce @rdckw and @veru.macaskova from Prague. Thank you 2019 for teaching me so much and making me feel so so so lucky.❤️... and can´t wait for 2020 🎉 • • • • • • • • • #aportraitphotography #portraits #portraiture#portraitpage #praguegirl#portraitmood #makeportraits #portrait_perfection #portrait_shots #portraits_ig #face #rsa_portraits #sketch #portraitphotographer#painting #postthepeople#timessquare #czechgirl#pursuitofportrait#newyorkcity
Příspěvek sdílený Anna Scholler (@annascholler),

Oh my gosh...I still can´t belive what happend in New Jersey last night. I won another award for The Best Actress in a Comedy!! It is something like a dream, because I am from a small town in a small country and now standing on stage in New Jersey (last month in South Korea)...I couldn´t be more proud of whole team @whispernakedshadow and @whoisnorak !💘 thank you guys, I love you! and thank you @njwebfest !💘and @assanese for your amazing dress! ...and sometimes people ask me, how it all began (and happend:) and I answer “It is a long story, but be patient - if something is supposed to happen, it's going to happen. Whenever I've tried to force things, they didn't go right... • • • • • • • • • • #actress#njwebfest#newjersey#awardwinner#awards#ceremony#usa#whispernakedshadow#czechgirl#praguegirl#girl#instagood#dailyphoto#photography#filmmakers#series#sitcom#comedy#filming#actor#actorslife#newjerseylife
Příspěvek sdílený Anna Scholler (@annascholler),

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